Saturday, March 10, 2012

Parcel force delivery?

Hi, i have ordered a parcel from china via ems and i can track my parcel on the royal mail tracker and parcelforce it says on the status ADVISED, but it the says the service EXPRESS 24 the tracking number is - EE528748830CN - can you please check it outy and let me know what ADVISED means and how long i should expect my parcel thanks!Parcel force delivery?
"Advised" means only that China Post has sent the tracking number to Parcelforce, so the tracking system is updated, but there is not yet any information about the arrival of your parcel in UK.

Since you posted your question it appears your parcel has arrived, and is in Customs awaiting clearance. It usually takes a day to claer, but there have been delays of up to a week recently - keep checking on the tracking page.Parcel force delivery?

I have tracked your parcel and the status still is ADVISED. This could be for various reasons i.e customs, parcel being sorted etc. I get parcels in from china every no and then and many times I encounter with this status. Sometimes it stays like this for several days but jut to relieve you they come out to be OK and get delivered fine. So you don't have to worry about anything however it might be a pain for you to wait which i understand.

I hope you get them in soon.

Best Wishes.

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